Meet Our Volunteer

Run Leader Team

Our community is everything, our culture is everything.  It's about the running.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Spirit of SRG lies in the fact that we have over 40 volunteer run leaders, who each bring their own experience and personal approach to our 20+ free run sessions every week! Week by week, our run leaders encourage and mentor runners right across the Greater Springfield region to achieve goals once considered impossible.


While keeping within the standardised fundamentals of respect and inclusion of all, along with the fact that nobody gets left behind, we are very proud of the contribution all of our run leader make.  When you next attend one of their sessions, please remember every run leader is a volunteer.  Without them, there are no run sessions.

In addition to our awesome Run Leader team, SRG has recently provided refresher First Aid and CPR training to all our run leaders who required it, and will, in 2019 be embarking on a Level 1 QRun accredited Run Leader Training Program, to make our run leaders, and our run sessions even better!

Here are some of our 40+ Run Leader team...



ABN: 44 700 112 361