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June 14, 2019

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Membership Update

January 1, 2019


Hi all! A little information about your memberships, how it contributes to what Springfield Runners Group does and what’s changing in 2019.

Membership Subscription Fees:
So where does the money go? Let’s start with where it all comes from and how it’s spent. The group gets funding from 3 areas:
•Fundraising activities (Bunnings BBQs predominantly).

Now, where it goes:
•membership fees allow each financial member to be covered by insurance via QRun
•group activities throughout the year – Welcome activity, Christmas party, Halloween party for the Kids group to name a few.
•specific activities, such as first aid kits, first aid training and Level 1 training for our Run Leaders.
•items such as the marquee, flags, drinks and food at the big events (like Gold Coast marathon), admin supplies, etc.

Additionally, financial members enjoy benefits at the businesses of our Sponsors and Preferred Partners. What many of you won’t be aware of, however, is that QRun gets 62.5% of your subscription to pay for insurance coverage and has been subsidising the insurance premiums for the children.

In order to continue to provide our members with support listed above and more fun activities, the committee has made the decision to raise the subscription a small amount and cease family memberships.


From 01 February, 2019 the following subscription fees will apply:

•14 years and older - $20
•Under 14 years - $7
**Membership age is at the month of membership application or renewal. For example, if renewal date is March and member turns 14 in April, membership is paid at under 14 rate ($7) until the following year. If application or renewal date is March and the member turns 14 in March, membership should be paid at the 14 years and older rate ($20).**

Membership Card Expiry Dates:
A number of our sponsors and preferred partners have been asking for a way to tell whether a membership is current or not. The committee has decided to add expiry dates to your membership cards. When you renew your membership, you will receive an information pack with a sticker to apply to your membership card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the committee members or email to srgmemberships@gmail.com