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June 14, 2019

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SRG President to Stand Down

December 14, 2018



Hi TeamSRG


As current SRG President, I have been offered an incredible career opportunity in Sydney starting in late January 2019 with my current employer.  It is therefore with an incredible degree of sadness that last night at our last Committee meeting for 2018, I offered my resignation as President of Springfield Runners Group, effective 31 December 2018.


I have enjoyed the role of SRG President beyond belief since being elected in July 2018.  We have achieved a lot in such a short space of time as a committee, and as a community running group.


Since July, we have increased transparency across the group by opening up the committee process, and through the election of new officials to the Committee, as evidenced though the new Vice President role we created - to further grow the group out in the community.


We have welcomed 2 new sponsors in Breakfast at Stephanie’s and Two Sisters Pizza, which offer direct discounts to financial members.  We have welcomed a number of new Run Leaders to further strengthen the groups day to day operations, we have run leaders with First Aid Training now, we raised a record amount of over $3,000 for Trail to Triumph in October, we have engaged with more external stakeholders than ever before, we have even hosted Travis Ireland from Run Down Under.  And we have some great plans for 2019 to come.  SRG is in good shape.


These are all the physical aspects where we have all made a difference, but there are the areas that are the invisible, that I am most proud of. The culture of the group, the support, the friendship, the mateship, the camaraderie, the banter and the 'Spirit of SRG' - yes, it really is a 'thing'- is what I’m going to miss most.  It's about people, community and seeing people achieve things they never thought possible, like the 51 people who ran recently at GC50 – a record for SRG.


I need to thank every member of the SRG Committee for putting up with me and the pace we have worked, you guys deserve a medal.  And finally, to Shaeleen, Lachie and Charli, thanks for putting up with me not being at home so much, and even when I was at home.  Love you guys.


Elaine Watling as SRG Secretary will communicate the next step in replacing the President role in the coming days.


This group has made me realise I am more capable than I ever thought I was – SRG made me a marathoner.  I am eternally grateful, and will eternally have part of this group in my heart.  I will miss you all, and thank you.


Please always remember, it’s about the running.


Brad Tupper

President (Outgoing)