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June 14, 2019

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Update - Ipswich Sports Awards - Sporting Organisation of the Year 2018 Finalist

October 18, 2018



Recently, I shared with you that SRG had been nominated for Ipswich Sporting Organisation of the Year 2018 at the Ipswich Sports Awards.


This award is presented to an Ipswich-based, incorporated, not-for-profit sports club. Nominated clubs/organisations should present a positive image of their sport.


As most of you know, I started the first Beginner’s Program of 2018.  It’s also no secret that coming to the first sessions is the hardest step a beginner can take.  It’s been a journey of a step forward, a few steps back for me personally, but throughout my contact with this group I have been incredibly impressed by the dedication of the volunteers of this club. It doesn’t matter if it is a program being run or run session or events, the support that members offer each other is just amazing.  Seeing the people that I started with in Beginner’s Group achieve their milestones has been nothing short of wonderful, even while suffering the biggest FOMO!!


When the opportunity came up to participate further in the group, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer.  SRG shows its community spirit at every opportunity whether it’s an event, Bunnings BBQ or more recently the TTT Fundraiser, and I wanted to be part of that.


The number of events that SRG members participate in locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally, is remarkable.  From trail running to road running and lots of different types of events in between, SRG members are there and representing our community group; supporting each other and others, no matter who they are.  If you’re willing to give it a go, an SRG member is willing to lend a hand.  Last Sunday’s Trail to Triumph Charity Fun run is a testament to that.


Today the Committee was notified that SRG is a FINALIST in the Sporting Organisation category!  



The 2018 Sports Awards will be announced Friday 9 November.


Well done TeamSRG, this is a great achievement to get this far!  


Michele Sherr

Membership Co-Ordinator