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June 14, 2019

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A new Committee position - and you're invited to nominate

October 16, 2018


I'm excited to be part of this incredible running group which over a few short years, has grown to now be one of (if not, the) largest volunteer led community running groups in Queensland, with a structured management Committee team of 7.


In that same time, the group has grown to over 500+ financial members, with wide and varied exciting strategic objectives required to be met. To ensure the future growth of the group continues to deliver in the areas of Beginners, Trails and Kids focused objectives, amongst our day to day objectives of 20+ run sessions per week in a safe and supportive environment for our members, a new role has been created.


It has been decided and agreed by the Committee that a volunteer Vice President role will be established, to assist the President in the general management of the group, while specifically focused on investing in our Strategic Relationships within the Greater Springfield geographic area.


Such community relationships as State and Federal members of Parliament, key school Principals, Ipswich City Council, and Qrun are some of the fundamental community relationships SRG currently connects with, and is looking to systematically ramp up and leverage as we invest to grow SRG into the next 12 months and beyond to achieve our strategic objectives and deliver for our members


Importantly in the past, such roles would have been created and filled by the management Committee alone between AGM's. As part of my election platform as SRG President, I promised an increased level of transparency and accountability within the committee itself. As such, this new role will be opened to the entire group for nominations for the newly created role of "Vice President, Strategic Community Relations". 


Elaine Watling (SRG Secretary) will be managing the election process, and will be providing more details in the coming days. 


This decision is about providing members a real opportunity to participate in the growth of the management committee of Springfield Runners Group in what will be a highly strategic role within the group, and for members to have their say on the election of a key role within the committee - between AGM meetings in an open and transparent voting process.  


I welcome all nominations for election to this position, and from all areas of the financial membership group, and I look forward to developing our strategic community relationships for the continued growth of our amazing group in an open, transparent and methodical approach.


Full details are available on our website - www.srg.org.au.


Enquiries can be emailed to admin@srg.org.au.


It's about the running.


Kind Regards


Brad Tupper

President SRG