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June 14, 2019

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A message from Brad Tupper

July 30, 2018



I am incredibly humbled and equally excited by being voted as your Springfield Runners Group President for the next 12 months.


I want to take a moment to express a huge vote of thanks to the previous committee, led by Mark Hodgson. To turn what needed a second AGM, into the group we have today inside 12 months is a huge testament to the leadership, commitment and execution of the previous committee.


The passion for this group lived everyday by Karen and Dan, in particular, is something I very much want to continue into 2018-2019. I know when I say this, that I speak on behalf of the entire group when I say, thank you for your amazing selfless contribution to this group as committee members, and I look forward to your continuing run leader positions with the group into the future, and being the inspiring and motivational people that you both are.


I am all too aware just how special this group really is. Deep down, it's more than just a running group. It's more than a group of runners with health and fitness ambitions. It's a part of you. It's a bit part of me. It's the part of my life that keeps me grounded. Tell anyone who'll listen....SRG is part of who I am now.

I first started running with SRG in 2013, having never run before. Having recognized just how special this group is after seeing Mark run his marathon in 2016, I am proud to say I have been an active part of SRG ever since, complete with a few goals ticking over at the same time. This group has made me the runner I am today. This group has shown me I could actually run a marathon. Now, it's time to give something back.


I am well aware that the role of President needs much more than just a runner to take on this role. It needs strong leadership, a long term vision, a clear strategy underpinning the vision and the right culture of people supporting, motivation and achieving the values of the group. It should always be...about the running.


I am a strong believer that motivation leads to momentum. With the right motivation, we can achieve anything.

Therefore, we have around 618 registered members in the group. SRG will, under my leadership, continue to grow by continuing to focus on growing the group with active and passionate runners who share the same positive focus - to live happy and healthy lives and achieve goals they never thought possible to achieve. I am a testament to that concept myself. I have a vision to grow to 1,000 active, positive and motivating members, who give the same back to the group. Beginners, Kids and Trails are my focus for growth, while maintaining all current run sessions where we can.


I strongly believe the Beginners and Development groups are groups that must continue to have the unwavering focus of the committee in terms of attracting and growing new members. Continued support, structure, vision and motivation will ensure this fantastic success story, that started in 2017-18, continues into 2018-19.


To Dan, Sam, Melissa and Belinda congratulations on what is widely recognized as a terrific first program and structured entry point to SRG.


Kids are another huge growth opportunity for SRG, and again the work done to this point by Dan, Kerry, Lee, Anita and Tim and many other parents from time to time in supporting many of our young runners to achieve goals they too never thought possible, is a massive testament to the supporting culture that exists within SRG today, and what will continue to be into the future. Thank you so much everyone.

This is the shining light of what the SRG culture is all about. This is the emblematic vision I will continue to support as President. It's a core passion of mine. It's about the running. It's always about the running.


I also see the ongoing engagement of the whole group as being very important. I want to see a "Voice of the Runner" survey completed by as many active members as possible. The survey will cover aspects such as run times, run formats, favourite events SRG should support and other areas. The survey will be open for a set period of time and provide the incoming committee with a view of the pulse of the wider grass roots group.


As a committee we will always support all current run sessions and, I firmly believe SRG is a very special running group, not just road but also our trail runs. We need to be inclusive of all types of running formats.


All voices will be heard. I give you my commitment all responses will be considered by the committee. Every voice is important, and every active financial member has a voice.


I would like to congratulate Elaine, Colin, Sam, Lee, Michele and Leigh who are a fantastic team of people that I am proud to call your committee for 2018-19.


Lastly , I would like to thank you for your confidence in me leading SRG into what we hope will be an exciting year.


If in doubt, it's about the running. It's always about the running.


Brad Tupper

SRG President 2018-19