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June 14, 2019

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New 2018 Run Schedule

December 27, 2017




As part of the Committee’s renewed focus on our runners and run offerings, we have undertaken a review of the run schedules and options currently available to our members.  This review takes into account our objective of—

  • ensuring the delivery of quality runs and training sessions for all of our members (kids and adults);

  • enabling future growth of the group; and

  • attracting new members, particularly in the growing Springfield region.


With these objectives in mind, it was recognised that a change to the running options was not only warranted but was desired by our members.


While the bulk of the changes will occur at the start of 2018, you may have already seen some of these changes with the addition of our Thursday Youth Run Squad and our Sunday afternoon walkers group, which both had great turnouts from their inception.


So what are the changes?


Beginners Program


The beginners group that was formed in 2017 proved a great success with 17 beginners running their first half marathon at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (GCAM).  Upon reflection on the success of this, it is clear that the support, encouragement and a tailored running program was key to seeing these beginners achieve their goals of running at GCAM.  It was also clear that having a group of likeminded individuals seeking to achieve the same goal, was also important to ensure that each runner had the support base from their peers who were also seeking to achieve the same goal.  By having a clear start to a program and having a clear goal at the end that culminated with an event helped the beginners feel that sense of achievement along with their training partners.


With this in mind, we are changing the “Beginners Group” to a “Beginners Program”.


From 2018, SRG will operate a Beginners Program that will consist of 3 x 10 week programs run on Monday and Wednesday nights (7pm):

  1. Intake 1 – In late January, we will be running a “10km in 10 weeks” program culminating with the Great South 10km run;

  2. Intake 2 – Starting in April, we will provide a “Run your First Half Marathon” program culminating at the Gold Coast on 1 July; and

  3. Intake 3 – this will be another “10km in 10 weeks” for Spring starting in August and culminating at the Fast 10km event at Pallara.  


Adopting this approach gives a great deal of clarity around the program and allows us to promote it strongly in the community for each intake.   Once beginners have finished their program, they would be encouraged to join one of our other running groups to continue their running journey.  Effectively, the beginners programs will only operate for approximately 30 weeks a year and will rotate run leaders who own each program throughout the year.


As part of each intake, we will also run an information session leading up to the start of each program where we can provide an overview of what to expect and also provide education about looking after their body, nutrition, equipment, footwear and other important aspects of running with the help of our Platinum Sponsors


This is an exciting change that will enable us to attract, and help, more people in our community on their health and wellbeing journeys.


Evening Groups


The feedback was clear in our recent survey that there was a definite gap between the Beginners Group and the 7:30pm group.  Whilst the 7:30pm group operate with an inclusive culture, running back to keep the group together and allowing all abilities to participate, there has still been times where our less experienced runners feel anxious about running with the group.  On the other side of the coin, it is also important to provide our more advanced runners the opportunity to have sessions where they can run without run backs. 


With all this in mind, the following changes have been made:


  1. 7:00pm “All Abilities” Groups (Tuesday and Thursday) – These additional sessions will provide our runners more options and choices of when they can run. These sessions will also provide our runners with their weekly intervals, hills and circuit sessions (mirroring the 5am running schedule).

  2. 7:30pm “All Abilities” Groups (Monday and Wednesday) – The current 7:30pm group will be restructured into a 2 groups-in-1 all abilities group with a minimum of 2 run leaders (1 for “experienced” and/or “faster” runners (or those runners seeking to step up) and 1 for “intermediate” runners and run/walkers).  Run loops will be designed so that everyone does a similar route with a longer option for the “more experienced” runners.  These groups will continue with run backs to ensure that everyone remains together and remains safe.

  3. 8:00pm “Advanced” Group (Monday and Wednesday) – These sessions will be suited for the experienced/faster runners who are capable of running at least 8-10km non-stop.  These sessions will allow these runners to run without run backs.


Sunday Long Runs


Many members have requested a Sunday morning option and we will be adding a permanent Sunday 6am run each week with the exception of the weekends during major events like the Gold Coast marathon.  On regular weeks, the Sunday run will be designed for medium length runs with longer options added regularly in the peak training seasons.


Mums (and Dads) and Bubs


We will be trialling a Mums’ (and Dads’) and Bubs’ group on a Friday morning at 9:30am.  This session will be a a great opportunity for parents with young children in our community to get active and socialise.


5am and Walking Groups


There are currently no changes to the 5am and Walking groups in 2018.



Run Leaders Recruitment


In light of the new running sessions, more Run Leaders will be recruited to assist in running the current and new sessions. Please look out for expressions of interest requests in the future.


Any feedback or thoughts for future innovation with our run offerings, please send through to admin@srg.org.au.


Looking forward to a bigger, better and exciting 2018!