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June 14, 2019

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SRG - Give yourself a Xmas Bonus!

November 7, 2017




We know this time of year is expensive and for once we’re not talking about running events!


We want the best for all SRG members and that means more than just running.  We want to help wherever we can and so do our sponsors.  With Finance 4 as a platinum sponsor and great supporters of SRG, there should be no one in our group paying more than they have to on their mortgage.  


Over 50% of Australians have never considered reviewing their mortgage which means potentially over half of SRG members who have a mortgage are paying more hard earned $ to their bank than they have to!  Think of all the running shoes you could buy with the savings!


So we've challenged Andrew Fogg and his team to save SRG members $30,000 on their mortgages in time for Xmas.  It sounds like a big number and it is! This makes it even more important that SRG members contact Andrew and review their interest rate.  


The Finance 4 team can quite quickly ascertain potential savings with a short conversation or email and they can often  negotiate with your current bank for you!


All conversations with Finance 4 are strictly confidential so contact them today and see how much you could save! 


To get started all you have to do is email Andrew the following info….

Current Loan Balance: $

Current Interest rate:       %

Term left of the loan (years):

Approx value of your home:


Let’s see how much we can save SRG!


Phone: 0421 287 868

Email:   andrewfogg@finance4.com.au

Web:    www.finance4.com.au