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June 14, 2019

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SRG Update and Feedback Survey Link

September 26, 2017






At the AGM in August a (largely) brand new committee was voted in to steer SRG over the next year/s.  For those of you who missed the communication about this your new committee is....

- President: Mark Hodgson

- Secretary: Elaine Watling

- Treasurer: Anita Pereira De Parsons

- Social Media/Sponsorship: Leigh Richmond

- Membership Co-Ordinator: Anne Blanch

- Events Co-Ordinator: Karen Normanton

- Run Leader Co-Ordinator: Dan Ribu


We have had 2 committee meetings so far and we wanted to give you a brief update on the themes and initiatives we are working on. Our aim is to support the group and keep focused on what is important to ensure SRG is a great place to run and socialise well into the future.


We believe in keeping it simple, after all we are a community running group and we want to keep it that way. We also are well aware that our role is to serve the members of SRG and provide a group that is safe, inclusive, supportive and of course fun!  We are focused on 5 key themes that we believe are the most important pillars to grow SRG for the long term.


These themes are:

1. Running 

2. Community

3. Events

4. Communication

5. Membership


Let's take a quick look at what this looks like:


1. Running: We are a community running club.  We must remain focused on delivering quality and safe run options, on days and at times that suit the majority and a program that allows all abilities to feel welcome, comfortable and supported.  


We have a good cross section of offerings at the moment however there are still plenty of opportunities to grow and enhance this.  The beginners program has been a great addition and seeing so many of the group participate at the Gold Coast this year just proves that we have opportunity to offer programs that will attract and benefit more people in our community.


Our kids group is going gangbusters! The run leaders Tim and Anita are doing a fantastic job each Tuesday evening with the group now at a size where we need programs to appeal from young 4-6 year olds all the way up to young teens.   Some of these kids are running sub 4 minute kms!  I think we would all agree that the kids group is an important and exciting part of the future of SRG!


We also have all abilities that attend our morning, evening and trail sessions.  How can we tweak and enhance these to appeal to and benefit even more members?  Hopefully we can continue to answer these questions and we will be asking the membership group for your feedback and ideas


2. Community: This means 2 things for us.  Firstly our internal community - how do we continue to build and foster an amazing community culture within SRG?  We see it every day at run sessions and events and we want to ensure that first and foremost this stays as strong as possible. Positive, supportive, encouraging, care, teamwork. These are just a few words that start to articulate the SRG Culture.


Secondly our local community.  How do we impact more people in our community?  How do we give back and define what this looks like.  As a group we get a lot of requests to support people/community groups. We need to be clear on how we define our purpose beyond just SRG and channel our community spirit to those who need us most.


Our next key opportunity to give back is our Trail to Triumph Bunnings BBQ scheduled for the 28th October.  We have scheduled this BBQ for 2 weeks after TTT so that our members can come down to the BBQ, grab and Sausage and Drink and chat to the runners that have just completed TTT.  Look out for more details closer to the date.  All funds raised will go to Trail to Triumph and the Bernie Banton Foundation.


3. Events: These have such an amazing impact on our group, they really pull us together and give us an opportunity to support our members and celebrate successes.  Whether you are the one cheering someone on, running past the SRG tent and getting goose bumps from the support or finishing your first 5km time trial - these are important pieces of the puzzle to motivate ourselves to keep pushing and have fun!


We are finalising a clear calendar of key running and social events so that we regularly have these critical pieces in place and they are well run and communicated.


One exciting initiative is that we have been able to purchase a professional timing system thanks to a community grant from Lend Lease.  This is a mini version of what is used at most major running events with timing chips, mats to record your finishing time and software to help us track member times and progress.  Look out for it at a time trial or event shortly!


4. Communication: We know that everyone is busy and communication is in overload status, however it is still critical that SRG members feel well informed.  We will continue to work on the best ways to get information out to the group quickly and easily.   


Our Facebook page plays a huge role in communication within the group.  Whether it be sharing updates, run sessions, events or members posting photo's and stories about their runs to inspire us all, we need to ensure it remains a great place for the group to interact.  We have updated our 'pinned post' on our Facebook page that now includes our Social Media Code of Conduct.  Please familairise yourself with this to ensure that we all contribute in a way that further strengthens our great SRG community. 


We also believe that communication needs to be a 2 way street and we welcome any feedback or ideas to be sent through to admin@srg.org.au.  Our Facebook page should be kept to day to day running communication to keep it manageable so please shoot through an email if you have an idea or question!


We are also trialing an SRG app at the moment to see if this makes it easier to book in to run and also communicate to people.  It is just Android users as a trial at the moment so if you are on an android phone download it at the play store.  Search for 'SRG on the run'.


5. Memberships:  Increasing our Membership base is important for a few reasons.  Yes a small amount of each membership ($5 of the $16) goes to the group to cover basic costs of running the group but most importantly is that we want our members to see value in being a part of the group.  If we deliver value, our membership will grow and in turn grow our club stronger.  


We are currently working on digital membership cards as an easier solution to ensure you can take advantage of the discounts our sponsors and part