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June 14, 2019

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New SRG Committee Elected

August 12, 2017

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the 2016-2017 Annual General Meeting for SRG.  Can I thank members for such a massive turnout to the meeting; it is a reflection of how much our members care about this group.


As a result of yesterdays meeting, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the newly elected committee that will take us into the new financial year.  You new committee is:


President:  Mark HODGSON

Secretary:  Elaine WATLING


Sponsorship/Media: Leigh RICHMOND

Events Coordinator: Karen NORMANTON

Membership Coordinator:  Anne BLANCH

Run Leader Coordinator: 


This exceptional group of people will continue to develop SRG and provide fantastic direction to what is an amazing community group.  I wish them the best of luck in the coming 12 months and I know that they will have everyones support moving forward.


Can I thank all of the nominees that put their name forward to be elected to the committee.  Whilst not everyone can be elected, accepting a nomination to a committee position is a representation of your commitment to the group and it is greatly appreciated.


The outgoing committee will conduct a handover this week and bring the new committee up to speed.  Please allow a week or two for the committee to transition and give them some space to become familiar with their roles.


As this will be my final post, I would like to publicly thank the members of the outgoing committee for their support and extremely hard work over the past months.  I have been truly inspired by your loyalty and amazed by the personal sacrifices you have been willing to make for the group.  Gemma, Melissa, Leigh, Belinda and Mandy - You are amazing people and it has been the best fun working with you!


I would also like to thank the families of the incoming and outgoing committee, including my own, for their understanding of the roles that committee members undertake.  Representation comes at a cost to individuals and families and when we as a group elect a committee, we also gain several supporting families that are just as important as the elected member. Thank you.


I would like to thank the SRG sponsors and preferred suppliers for their ongoing support.  Andrew FOGG at Finance 4, Darren KELLY at ME Fitness and Steve & Tracey from McGrath Estate Agents for their commitment to this group.  Your support allows us to nurture runners of all different shapes and sizes to reach their own personal goals.


My last word is for the greater SRG.  My thanks for your support over the past months.  SRG is an eclectic group of people, from various backgrounds, and of various running levels.  This diversity is our strength and what makes SRG such a successful community running group.  Contrary to my previous advice, I will remain a member of SRG and run from time to time - maybe even a trail or two!!!!  


It has been a great ride; thanks again and HAPPY RUNNING!!!!