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June 14, 2019

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Calling of Annual General Meeting & Call for Committee Nominations

July 21, 2017

This notice is to advise the calling of the Springfield Runners Group Annual General Meeting.


Date:  Saturday 12 August 2017

Location: St Augustine’s College – 50 St Augustine’s Drive, Augustine Heights 4300

Time: 11:00am


The committee has received legal clarification in relation to SRG’s Model Rules and have been advised that there are no constitutional issues that would impede the conducting on an AGM or the conducting of elections regarding committee positions.


The advice we have received to date indicates that there exists some ambiguity in the language of the Model Rules, particularly in relation to the distinction between financial and non-financial members and those members’ ability to participate in SRG general meetings. 


The advice received provides direction that as long as a person is a member of the group they should be eligible to nominate for a committee position and further should be able to vote.  In order to remove any ambiguity regarding eligibility to vote, as per our advice, financial status of the member is not being taken into account. 


So, to summarise, if you have ever been a financial member of ‘SRG’, either under the previous system, or you are recorded under the QRun system, regardless of your financial status – you are eligible to nominate and vote on 12 August 2017.  The only exception is if you have been provided with a notice revoking your membership from SRG (or if you have died apparently!).


The new Committee will no doubt have to review the ‘Model Rules’ and clarify some the wording and intentions of the document. 


On advice the process as outlined is transparent, fair, equitable, legally defensible and in line with the sentiment of the current constitution.


So that there is clarity around the process for members, the following timeline best describes what is to occur and timings in order to comply with the rules:


(1)  The Springfield Runners Group Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 12 August 2017.  This is 22 days’ notice of this meeting – 14 days is required.


(2)  Nominations for Committee positions are invited and encouraged.  These must be received by 5.00pm, Friday 28 July 2017.  Nominations must be made by 2 SRG members in relation to the nominee and signed by all three individuals (i.e. the 2 members nominating and the nominee). These nominations will be posted on the SRG Website, shortly thereafter for the advice of all members.  Nominations must be supplied to the Secretary 14 days prior to the AGM.  This date is 15 days prior.


(3)  A meeting agenda and Committee nominations will be displayed on the SRG website prior to 4 August 2017.  7 days is required.  Please be advised that the display of nominations will include the names of the people that nominated and seconded the nomination.


If you have any agenda items you wish to have discussed, please advise in writing to the email admin@srg.org.au


We would like for this meeting to progress without further delay.  If you have any issues regarding the process as outlined, or if you have any concerns regarding the advice received, please contact the Committee at admin@srg.org.au.  If you can outline your issue and we will seek further advice prior to the meeting.


The SRG Committee positions available for nomination are

  • President,

  • Treasurer,

  • Secretary,

  • Social Media / Fundraising,

  • Membership Coordinator,

  • Run Leader Co-ordinator, and

  • Event Co-ordinator.



Advice regarding voting and the manner in which votes can be cast will be supplied in coming days.  This will ensure that everyone who is eligible and wants to vote has the opportunity.


This represents an opportunity for a new direction and management style to be afforded to the SRG group.  It represents an opportunity for the group to show that it is motivated by its inclusive and supportive nature and thus I encourage members to give serious consideration to nominating for the SRG Committee positions.