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June 14, 2019

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AGM Clarification……

July 18, 2017


It would appear that there has been some social media comment regarding the recent aborted Annual General Meeting and as thus I would like to offer some clarification.


During the course of the AGM, it was brought to my attention that the committee was in breach of the ‘Model Rules’ – The rules by which the group must be administered.  This breach consists of the fact that currently the ‘Model Rules’ note that membership must be based on a financial year to financial year basis, regardless of the day you joined the group.


The recent affiliation with QRun has seen that membership has changed to a year based membership, based upon the date on which you joined.  This decision was made for several reasons, one of which related to ensuring members received best value for their money.


The fact that the ‘Model Rules’ have not been modified remains my responsibility and this is in fact an error on my part.  Whilst it caused some inconvenience that the meeting was aborted, I felt it best to take this action until such we had advice regarding the best path forward to ensure compliance with the ‘Model Rules’.  This would ensure that everyone who is entitled to nominate or vote for positions be given that opportunity.


Failure to modify the ‘Model Rules’ is the responsibility of the President and the buck stops with me in this regard.  In response, I make submission that the changes to QRun, I believe, have been in the best interests of SRG and it’s members.  Failure to modify the 'Model Rules' is an omission on my part.  I believe that I have, at all times acted in the best interests of the membership.


We are waiting for some advice that we expect in the next few days about the correct manner to move forward to ensure compliance.  We have been advised that this will more than likely require new nominations for SRG Committee positions and fresh elections.


In this regard I encourage people to start considering nominating for positions on the SRG Committee.  We will advise the date of fresh nominations as soon as we receive advice and we will provide a mechanism for nomination.


The positions of the SRG Committee are:


  • President,

  • Treasurer,

  • Secretary,

  • Social Media / Fundraising,

  • Membership Coordinator,

  • Run Leader Co-ordinator, and

  • Event Co-ordinator.


These positions will all be vacant as all current members of the committee have made independent decisions that they will no longer contest their positions and all will be resigning immediately after the meeting.  All will remain members of SRG with the exception of myself, who will resign from the club completely after this meeting.  I took on the role of President on being asked, it is not a job that I sort; I will leave the group in the same vein.


The Committee will continue with its normal duties until the day of the AGM, the date of which will be advertised as soon as possible.  This will hopefully ensure continuity for the group and ensure that a proper hand over occurs to the new Committee.


We hope that this action will help calm some of the anger out there and help solidify the group as it moves forward.


I hope this provides clarity and we will provide advice as soon as we receive direction and lock in a date.


Happy Running.


Many thanks.