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June 14, 2019

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SRG AGM and Self Defence Session

July 11, 2017

A reminder that the AGM is this Saturday morning. (See previous blog)


The committee have been asked to clarify the confidentiality of voting regarding the committee positions. For votes made by people attending at the AGM, these will be in writing and confidential - no one will know the identity of the voting member. 


As we want all financial members to have their say, regardless of their ability to attend the AGM, this year we have opened a two hour period for absentee voting via email. 


In this regard we have designed rules to ensure that a voting member must send their email vote from their Qrun listed email address. This is to ensure the ethicacy of the voting process. In order to tally and check the voting the President and the Treasurer will have access to the author of these emails. I can advise that NO OTHER PERSON WILL HAVE ACCESS TO HOW YOU VOTED. Voting is a right of all financial members and how you vote is your business. 


I encourage all members who can come to the AGM to attend and vote in person. For everyone else, your vote is yours and other than ethicacy processes by the Treasurer and President - it will be confidential. 


For those contemplating attending the self defence sessions, please book and pay for your session as soon as possible and please, no later that 12.00pm (lunchtime) Friday to allow for accurate food catering. 


This session will be a fantastic opportunity for people to attend and I encourage you all to come after Parkrun!!!

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