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June 14, 2019

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SRG Self Defence Session

July 7, 2017


Following the SRG Annual General Meeting, we have been able to secure the services of Risk 2 Solution - Dr Gavriel Schneider 7th Dan - Current Head of System: GENDAI RYU.


Dr Schneider is going to run a 2 hour session of personal protective security - How to be aware of your surroundings, and then trust your judgment!


The session will be held in the sports hall of the St Augustines College, Augustine Heights between 10.15am and 12.15pm


Make no mistake - Obtaining the instruction of Dr. Schneider is a real honour, and comes as a result of personal relationships.  The normal cost of this session to the public would be prohibitive and as such I encourage you all to come and enjoy the session.


The session will be instructional with physical elements, so wear your gym gear.  This type of training can make all the difference when you need it!


While its never an intention to hurt anyone, please be aware that you will need to read and sign a waiver prior to undertaking the session.


Dr Schneider is undertaking this session at no cost to SRG, however a cost of $5.00 payable at booking is being charged to cover the cost of a BBQ lunch for all participants.  (Nothing fancy, think Bunnings!!!)


Bookings are available on the SRG website at the 'Book Online' tab.  Please book and pay at this time.




Please read the CV for Doctor Schneider:


In 2014, Gavriel took over from Sensei Vernon Rosenberg 6th Dan as head of the Gendai (Ryu) System of martial arts and self-defence, this role was accepted with the blessing of Dr Dennis Hanover 10th Dan founder and head of DSJJ/Hisardut.

  • Current Head of System for Gendai Ryu and the Modern Warrior Alliance, former head of DSJJ/Hisardut for the Asia Pacific Region

  • Over 32 years of training experience and Over 20 years of running martial arts schools and teaching

  • Presented self-defence, defensive tactics and unarmed combat training to Military and Police Special Forces, Presidential and Royalty Protection units, Bodyguards and 100s of security operators

  • Inducted member of the South African Martial Arts Hall of fame 2004

  • Former member of the South African full contact Taekwondo team

  • Coach to the South African Muay Thai team competing in the 3rd Kings Cup in Bangkok, Thailand

  • Black belt middleweight full contact champion in the DSJJ world full contact championships held in Israel in 2000 and Advanced black belt (5th Degree and up) Silver medal winner at the DSSJ world full contact championships held in Israel in 2007

  • Inducted into the official museum of martial arts history in Israel 2010

  • Former head of system for Hisardut jujitsu for the Asia pacific region

Key Grades:

  • 7th  (Dan) Degree black belt                 GENDAI JUJITSU AND KRAV MAGA

  • 6th (Dan) Degree black belt  HISARDUT / DENNIS SURVIVAL JUJITSU

  • 6th (Dan) Degree black belt  KOGA / GENDAI RYU NINJITSU

  • 2nd (Dan) Degree black belt TAEKWONDO


Martial Arts History Dr Gavriel Schneider:


Master Gavriel began his martial arts training in the early 1980s beginning with Shotokan and then Goju Ryu Karate. In the late 1980s he was introduced to Sensei Vernon Rosenberg and began training under him in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu. When the migration to the Gendai Ryu style happened in the early 1990s Gavriel received his first black belt in the system in 1992 and began teaching the system. Whilst teaching under the Gendai system, Gavriel began training in Taekwondo under Master James Lee (8th Dan). Under Master Lee, Gavriel became a member of the South African Taekwondo team, fighting in numerous regional events as well as representing South Africa in the Taekwondo World Cup in 1997.  During 1993-94 Gavriel also cross trained with a wide variety of other martial arts practitioners such as Grandmaster Mickey Davidow who is acknowledged as a martial arts pioneer in South Africa.


In 1996, Gavriel then travelled to Israel and received the great privilege of becoming a live in student of Grandmaster Soke Dennis Hanover. Gavriel trained and taught in the main school in Herzliya full time (between 6-12 hours a day) during most of 1996 and was graded 1st Dan in DSJJ / Hisardut in the middle of 1996 and 2nd Dan at the end of the same year. During this time Gavriel also spent time at the main army physical fitness and self-defence training base at Wingate and was exposed to Military Krav Maga. Through Dennis, Gavriel was also able to meet Imi Lichtenfeld (the legendary founder of Krav Maga) on several occasions before he passed away in 1998. Gavriel also underwent intensive firearm training with pistol and submachine gun and received certification as an international practical shooter from the Israel Shooting Association. During 1996 Gavriel also made a trip to the USA and trained and attended seminars with several high ranking martial arts masters including Guru Dan Inosanto, Sifu Francis Fong, World Kickboxing Champion Jerry Rhome, Small Circle Jujitsu and Kyoshu-Jitsu Master Mark Kline, Ashida Kim and numerous others. Whilst in the US Gavriel was awarded his 3rd Dan in Ninjitsu. Gavriel then returned to South Africa and continued training and teaching under the Gendai system as well as teaching Taekwondo.


Over the next few years Gavriel became extensively involved in the security, law enforcement and military training sector. He has trained numerous military, policing, specialised security, royalty and mayoral protection teams over the years in both security skills and Defensive Tactics. Gavriel began deploying operationally as a Bodyguard/Close Protection Officer in 1997 and to date has protected Presidents, other senior level government officials, numerous celebrities and senior corporate executives. He continued to train under Dr Dennis Hanover during Dr Hanover’s numerous trips back to South Africa and made almost annual trips back to Israel. Gavriel stopped competing in Taekwondo to focus on the self-defence and practical combative aspects of the martial arts in 1998.


Gavriel also participated actively in martial arts cross training with like-minded practitioners such as (Rodney King – founder of the Crazy Monkey system). He travelled Thailand as a coach for the SA amateur Muay Thai team as well as training actively in Muay Thai, Kali/Eskrima and Brazilian Jujitsu. Over the years, Gavriel and his students became high grades in DSJJ with Gavriel being awarded a 6th Dan from Dr Hanover in 2005 as well as being awarded a 6th Dan in Ninjitsu from GM Ashida Kim. He has also been a black belt full contact champion in the DSJJ championships and silver medal winner in the masters (above 5th Dan) open division. Gavriel was inducted into the South African Martial arts hall of fame in 2004 and received the ultimate honour of being included and inducted into the Israeli museum of martial arts history in 2010.


Gavriel has undertaken extensive academic studies and was awarded his PhD from UNISA in 2012 after a 5 year research study assessing best practice use force and defensive tactics training methodology. He has numerous trainer and defensive tactics instructor qualifications including:

  • Graduate Diploma in Management (Learniig)

  • Diploma of Martial Arts Sports coaching (Kenshusei College)

  • Certificate IV in Fitness (Kenshusei College)

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Corridors Training)