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June 14, 2019

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July 7, 2017

So it is that time of year again - The SRG Annual General Meeting.  This is where you get your say on who you want to represent you at on the SRG committee.  The meeting will commence at 9.00am sharp at the sports hall of St Augustines College, Augustine Heights.


Nominations have closed and the following people have nominated for positions (alphabetical order where applicable):


Membership Coordinator:  

(1)  Veronica BELCHER &

(2)  Anne BLANCH  


Events Coordinator:    

(1)  Mel LOVE  

(2)  Karen NORMANTON &  

(3)  Michelle SHORE.


President:  John KILBURN (No further nominees - to be elected unopposed.)

Run Leader Coordinator:  Gemma King (No further nominees - to be elected unopposed.)

Secretary: Mandy CHANDLER (No further nominees - to be elected unopposed.)

Treasurer: Melissa Willis/Henderson (No further nominees - to be elected unopposed.)

Social Media / Fundraising: Leigh Richmond (No further nominees - to be elected unopposed.)


Since nominations have opened it has become apparent that one of the nominated parties is unable to attend the AGM and therefore will be unable to cast a vote for themselves in this election.


To this end the committee has made an out of session decision to allow for email absentee votes on the morning of the AGM.  Absentee voting will be available to all members unable to attend. In order to ensure fairness, all financial members will be able to make an absentee vote, however they must be mindful of the following voting rules:


(1)  The voting member must cast their vote between 6.45am and 8.45am on Saturday 15 July 2017. Voting outside of these times will not be counted towards the final result.


(2)  Absentee voting can only be made from the member's email address nominated on their QRun membership.


(3)  Family memberships are permitted - two votes per family membership in line with the amount of dues paid each year.


(4)  Family membership votes may and should come from the same email address, if only one email address was used to register.  The vote should clearly indicate from which member the vote comes from.


(5)  All absentee emails should be sent to admin@srg.org.au


(6)  Absentee voters must be aware that their vote will not be confidential and that their vote will counted and reconciled by current committee members (President and current Treasurer) to ensure validity.  The author of votes will not be further disclosed to other persons outside of these members.


(7)  Voting by absentee email precludes financial members from voting at the AGM and this will be checked when voting forms are distributed at the AGM.


Within the email the following should be cut and paste:


I, (Insert name), am a financial member of the Springfield Runners Group.  


I am unable to attend the annual general meeting held on 15 July 2017, however wish to cast a vote for the SRG committee positions.


For the positions listed, I cast a single vote for the following: (Delete the names you do not wish to vote for)


(Only one name can be present for each position to be a valid vote.)


Membership Coordinator:  

Veronica BELCHER



Events Coordinator:

Mel LOVE  


Michelle SHORE.


If you have concerns or issues about how to vote, please email admin@srg.org.au or call John Kilburn on 0416137650 and I am more than happy to explain the process.  Please try and call before the voting starts!


The AGM is going to be followed by a self defence / security awareness session after the meeting.  Advice regarding this session will follow shortly.  Attending and voting at the AGM is free, however if you choose to stay for the self defence session a small cost will be payable for lunch and a charitable donation.


If you intend on attending the AGM, please go to the 'Book on Line' tab of the srg.org.au website.  This will give us an idea of numbers.  If you are intending to stay for the self defence session, please further book in for this session.




SRG Committee