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June 14, 2019

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Social Media and Clothing Orders.....

June 26, 2017

SRG Members,


Since the distribution of SRG clothing orders began on Saturday afternoon the committee has noticed a number of comments being made on social media.  These comments pertain to the sizing and quality of the garments we have received from Timer Sports.


I have been contacted by the supplier today concerned about the nature of some of the statements being made and the inability for them to have any examination of articles or right of reply.  Timer Sports have reinforced their previously given undertaking, that if a garment is defective or not supplied to the specifications as advised they will seek to rectify the issue with the customer.  Timer Sports stand by their garments and as they advised me today - Their name is on the garment as well, so it is in their best interests to resolve any identified issues.  The service that we as a Committee have received from Timer Sports has been first rate.


In this regard, social media is not an appropriate forum for members to air their grievances regarding clothing without first giving the supplier a right to reply.  If you have a problem with a clothing item, email admin@srg.org.au and we will consult with the supplier on your behalf to have the issue rectified.


I will say that some of the posts I have read, (and I have stopped reading them) I have found to be disrespectful, nasty and thoughtless.  There are members of this committee that have devoted themselves to this order. 


While some members may not have had malicious intent, the manner in which the comments have been received by some is personal - even if the author's say it wasn't their intention.  If you have an issue, bring it up with the Committee; we will take your point of view on board.  If you can't do that - there is an AGM on the 15th of July - Please feel free to become a financial member, complete a nomination form and take on the responsibility for yourself.  The impact some of these negative comments have had is both unfair and unwarranted and people should not look at what their intent was when posting - they should consider how others may take these comments. 


There has also been a suggestion that the committee has deleted some social media posts - this is completely untrue and the Facebook administration log confirms this.    


I look forward to receiving a number of new nomination forms for committee positions before 5.00pm Thursday when the positions close.


To those that assisted with the clothing order, in design, ordering, batching and distributing I am extremely grateful.  To those that have thanked us since the orders went out - we appreciated it and we know that you will all look fantastic for the Gold Coast Marathon which was always the original intention!