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June 14, 2019

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An Error and an Apology.....

June 14, 2017

SRG Members, I have made an error in the last few days and I have uploaded the incorrect nomination form for the AGM on 15 July 2017.  This form has now been corrected and is now available for download on the events page of the website.


Over the past few weeks the committee has made some decisions to try and streamline our processes and practices.  This involves things like the website, the affiliation with Qrun, the online shop which will open again shortly and the like.  On top of this we have tossed around some ideas to make some changes to the committee structure to ensure that the committee members aren't over burdened with work and also have the ability to continue their training and still have family lives.


Part of this restructure includes the creation of two new committee positions that are available for people to nominate for as of now.  These positions are the Events Co-ordinator and the Membership Co-ordinator.  Previously these roles have been completed in the background without much fan fare and have often been referred to as sub committees.  


The advertisement of these positions now means there will be seven Committee members and the workload then is shared a little more.  I encourage anyone that has any interest in running for these positions to nominate for the position they would like to undertake as soon as possible.


[Post Edited at Members Request]


[Post Edited at Members Request].  I and the SRG Committee are about a united SRG and we are driven to create an environment where this can exist.  It doesn't happen in a vacuum, solidarity is about all of us working together and supporting each other - Communicating effectively to share our points of view.





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