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June 14, 2019

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SRG Committee Nominations are Called......

June 12, 2017

On the 15th July 2017 SRG will take the opportunity to host the SRG Annual General Meeting prior to the planned Security Awareness Presentation.  This meeting gives all members an opportunity to nominate for and subsequently vote on the 2017-2018 SRG Committee.  


At this stage the event will be held at St Augustines College with the time of the meeting to be advised later this week. 

Members are encouraged to consider their position and whether they would like to contest any of the committee positions.  This could be your opportunity to make a difference to the manner in which SRG is administered!

There are two simple rules -

(1) The nominee and the sponsoring members must be financial members of SRG to both nominate and vote.  This means you can be financial under the non Qrun system to nominate, however you must be a financial member of the Qrun system on 15 July 2017 to vote.

(2) You have to be present at the meeting to vote.  There is no proxy voting.  Voting is by written / confidential ballot.

Anybody wishing to nominate should download and complete the attached form, complete and return to admin@srg.org.au by no later than 5.00pm Thursday 29 June 2017. 


All nominees will be given the opportunity to submit a written submission and photo for upload to the website for viewing by members, and also the opportunity to address the AGM on the 15th July.

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