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June 14, 2019

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Less Than 24 Hours to Go - Don't Miss the Train!!!

May 9, 2017



Springfield Runners - Haven't you all been busy!!!!  We can't believe the amount of sales we have made in the past few days - You are all crazy!! (But you will be well dressed crazy soon!).


As I sit by the pool drinking vino in Bali - Gemma is starting to batch our massive amounts of orders for this clothing run (and it is huge!).  But the SHOP CLOSES AT LUNCHTIME TOMORROW (12:00pm Wed 10 May 2017) - There will be no extensions.


Remember at this stage personalised clothing is a one off. While jackets and polos are fantastic, they are difficult to organise and cost a bomb!  We have used our numbers to arrange a great deal, and while you will be able to buy jackets and polos into the future - they won't be personalised; SO GET ON IT!  


The committee has organised and announced the merchandise, arranged a week off fittings, opened the store,  advertised on social media and the website - there is no excuses!!!!!  LESS THAN 24 HOURS TILL ORDERS CLOSE - GET IN NOW.


Happy Shopping.


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