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June 14, 2019

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SRG Apparel Update - WE ARE GOING TO BE SO LOUD!!!!!!!!

May 6, 2017

SRG- wanted to give you all an update on the sale of SRG Apparel - IT IS IN HOT DEMAND!!!!!!  To date we have had over 30 orders and we have sold almost 100 items of apparel!!!!  


SRG is going to rock the Gold Coast Marathon and we are going to look the part!


Please note that we have now added the kids sizes to the SRG Adults Jackets.  A number of ladies have mentioned that as the jackets are sized quite large that ordering the kids sizes is better for them.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ORDER A KIDS SIZE FROM THE ADULTS JACKETS - YOU ARE ORDERING THE STANDARD 'SRG' EMBLEM.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE 'SRG KIDS' JACKET - PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS ANOTHER PRODUCT LISTING.


Happy Shopping!

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