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June 14, 2019

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SRG Announces Website Launch!!!

April 29, 2017


Springfield Runners,

Welcome to the first SRG website.  This is our first foray into a more defined electronic media format and we hope you like the idea.

We found that as SRG was growing in size, it was becoming increasingly difficult to successfully message our members on social media.  This platform of a website with blogs and updates, we believe gives us a more stable means to communicate with our ever expanding base of members.

Please explore the website and get a feel for the pages and items listed.  We are aware that some of the artwork around sponsors etc is out of date, but we are using stock images that we have while we create some up to date images.

What you can see of the website is a starting point for us. In the background of this website are a number of functions that are not yet viewable to you; while we work out some kinks and train our run leaders.  This includes electronic online session bookings, and no more paperwork for our run leaders! The website also translates into a mobile platform, so you will in the future be able to register for your runs on your mobile phone with a few short clicks! We will let you know when this functionality goes live and provide more information.

SRG / QRUN ONLINE MEMBERSHIP PORTAL IS NOW ACTIVE AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN (See the home page).  Individual memberships are easy to complete and pay for, family memberships are a little more tricky.  We have prepared a cheat sheet that will be posted in the SRG Blog to provide some assistance.  We will work with Queensland Athletics to try and simplify this process into the future.

You will also see that this website has an integrated e-commerce platform that allows us to run an online ordering process for merchandising.  You will see that we have listed the new range of 'base*' SRG clothing, and it is our intention that we will keep a level of clothing in stock at all times so that new members can buy items without having to wait for a singlet/shirt order to be made. (*The term 'base' indicates that more colours may become available at certain times of the year!)

The SRG Shop has all our items listed, 'and their prices', however everything is currently listed as out of stock.  We have listed fitting sessions for people to physically try on articles over the next week - see the events page for times and locations.  At present our merchant facility is being established and when this is complete it will be linked to the website and ordering will be able to commence.  We will let you know as soon as it is live.

It has been a busy few weeks for your committee, clothing, websites, Qrun affiliation and seminar planning.  We even tried to train little.  We encourage constructive feedback around this new platform and we encourage you to use the 'Contact Us' system on the homepage as this way we know that we see and answer your query.

We know that this new system will take a little getting used to by everyone, and there will no doubt be some teething problems, but moving forward this will provide a strong base from which to communicate with the membership and continually grow our fantastic group.

Keep an eye on the website and the blog - things will be added all the time!!!


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