SRG Track Jackets

(Unisex Jacket)  Before you start that big race, show your team loyalty with this unique track jacket, all while keeping warm.



Please note that we have now added the kids sizes to the SRG Adults Jackets.  A number of ladies have mentioned that as the jackets are sized quite large that ordering the kids sizes is better for them.  PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ORDER A KIDS SIZE YOU ARE ORDERING THE STANDARD 'SRG' EMBLEM.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE 'SRG KIDS' JACKET - PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS ANOTHER PRODUCT LISTING.


    Manufactured by Timer Sports, these Track jackets represent the pride of the Springfield Runners Group.  The combination black, red and white represent the original and enduring colours of the SRG!  Available in unisex sizing.


    While we will take every care to ensure that you are provided with a quality product, we understand that sometimes things get missed.  If your product is faulty, we will happily take it up with the manufacturer and immediately replace your choice. 


    The size guide is provided for your assistance, and we encourage you to try your fellow runners sizes when you can - but on the off chance it just doesn’t fit - we will replace the item as long as the item hasn't been worn on a run!!!


    We are happy to send the items to you through AusPost at your cost  However, if you want to save on postage costs - let us know and when available we can arrange delivery at your next running session!



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