Hello SRG!

QRun Membership Update

As you may be aware, the Springfield Runners Group (SRG)is a QRun affiliated running group. QRun is the recreational running arm of Queensland Athletics under the umbrella of Athletics Australia. As part of SRG’s affiliation with QRun, SRG (and our financial members) are covered the National Athletics Insurance Scheme, amongst other benefits.

In recent months, QRun has implemented a new IT system to better cater for all QRun member clubs [1]. During this time, the insurance structure has been amended, which has resulted in rising insurance costs to to $12 per person, regardless of age. While this increase does not greatly affect the adult memberships (other than a lower proportion being apportioned to SRG), this cost increase does affect our kids’ memberships as it is $5 more than the current kids’ memberships (currently $7).

Previously, QRun had agreed with SRG to subsidised the kids’ membership insurance costs on the condition that SRG would gradually take over and it would become “user pays”.

What’s been done?

Since the implementation of the new IT system, SRG has had a grace period with QRun for the kids’ insurance costs while we sorted out the best way to address the $5 shortfall. If it was funnelled from the adult memberships, that would leave the club significantly short of funds and having to do much more fundraising than we already do to maintain the level of subsidised activities that SRG currently provides to the members on an annual basis, including the upcoming Christmas parties and the Urban Challenge.

Going Forward

From 2 December 2019, there will be two memberships on offer with SRG, via the QRun IT system:

1. Junior Membership (under 14 years) for $12

2. Adult Membership (14 years and older) for $20

Until then, there is only one option ($20).

As a committee, we understand that for some people this increase may be a little difficult at short notice. That’s why the implementation date has been set to 2 December 2019 to allow for financial planning.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you out there, enjoying your running!

Kind regards,

Dan Ribu

President – SRG

[1] More information will be provided regarding the updates to the IT system and how it benefits SRG in the coming months.



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