Well – is it time to take a breath yet?

What a whirlwind the last few months have been in the lead up to the Gold Coast Marathon and the Brisbane Trail Ultra over the weekend just gone. For those who participated, congratulations! There have been a number of gratitude posts and the committee thought we would round it all up with this blog.

At any major event SRG attends, there are so very many people who contribute to what is seen on the day. GCM19 and BTU19 have been no different. There are

· the families and friends that support and sacrifice their time together to allow the runner/s to train;

· the parents and caregivers who take the children to training activities and then to the event;

· the supporters, who may or may not, be wishing that they could be on the road or trail themselves;

· the loved ones who donate their time and food/baked goods for the event to make sure that the runners and spectators have what they need;

· The volunteers, who are also runners, who make sure that things (the marquee, eskies, etc) end up where they are supposed to be.

· The SRG sponsors who offer their expert advice / assessments / treatments / classes / discounts and in the case of OFP – very much appreciated treatments immediately post-race!

To every single person who has contributed towards the success of the weekends at both GCM19 and BTU19, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation.

To show our appreciation, we are having a BBQ at Robelle Domain on 28th July, 2019 from 12 pm. It’s combined with our AGM and we invite all runners, families and supporters to come along. There is an event in the closed Facebook group – please RSVP there so we can get catering right!

See you all soon!!



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